Steam Cleaned Carpets Are Y
our Safest Option:

Allergy Free
No Chemicals
Water Saving
Disinfect and Sanitise

Did you know that one in two people now suffer with allergies?

According to the e-Journal of Flooring Sciences, carpets that are disinfected and sanitised with steam are as safe for allergy and asthma sufferers as no carpet at all.

Steam is the best way to disinfect and sanitise carpets for allergy sufferers because we use super hot water to kill mould and fungi, which is the only way to remove allergens effectively.

Did you know that steam succeeds where other cleaners fail?

With steam we will remove the resistant stains that other methods fail to shift.

Let us loose on your carpets, and with  no chemicals – just steam and a very short drying time we will make your carpet like new.

We are the only Brisbane cleaning service using only steam.Call us today, we would love to tailor a sanitising option to meet your needs and budget.